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SRP BookFlight Book Club- The Wilderness Idiot

SRP BookFlight Book Club- The Wilderness Idiot

Book Flight: a group that samples across the genres. Each month we will try something new and meet together to dive into the book together! 

Join us for a special Adult Summer Reading Book Club pick, The Wilderness Idiot: Lessons from an Accidental Adventurer by Ted Alvarez.  The path to an adventurous life seems straightforward: Crush at an outdoor sport; amass a legion of followers who drool at your hero shots on Instagram; host TED talks exhorting people to live their best life, brah. But there is another way: the way of the Wilderness Idiot. Author Ted Alvarez built a career and an outdoor lifestyle by simply not being smart enough to say no to things that will probably kill him, or at least embarrass him severely. From nearly drowning in pro kayak races to hallucinating on solo trips across bear-and-bug-infested wildernesses, his work exists to show that the outsider Everywoman and -man can have the spotlight.

More than most, Alvarez knows outsiders belong outside-and he wants to welcome them into the tribe. The Wilderness Idiot airlifts readers to the world's most remote places (in reality and in the mind) and make them feel so at home they'll start dreaming about adventures of their own.


Book Flight will meet on Zoom. Please register to be in contact with staff, or call 831-646-3933 for more information. A Zoom link will be provided for participants.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022
4:00pm - 5:00pm
  Adults     Teens  
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