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Drop-in Mindfulness Practice

Drop-in Mindfulness Practice

Pause midweek with a gently guided mindfulness meditation practice followed by a brief discussion. All levels of experience welcome. Attendees may choose to leave after the guided practice. The guided mindfulness practice is led by volunteer practitioners each week. See the schedule below for more information. You may register one time and participate every week with the same meeting access information.

This program takes place on Zoom, or participants may join by phone. Registration closes an hour before the program. The Zoom access information will be sent to registered participants shortly before the program begins. Use of video camera and level of participation is determined by each person.

A Zoom account is not required to join this program. Please ensure that you are using Zoom 5.0+ (updated in May 2020). Click here to learn about the latest version of Zoom.

New to Zoom? Visit the Zoom help guide for an overview of the virtual platform, participate in live training via the library, or click here to sign up for Zoom's free training. 


Weekly Schedule Note that unforeseen circumstances might change the schedule.
1st/5th Wednesday: Meika Hamisch / Rochelle Hall
2nd Wednesday: Katie Dutcher
3rd Wednesday: Ben Nurse
4th Wednesday: Marianne Rowe


Katie Dutcher has been an educator since 2004 and has studied and practiced meditation and mindfulness since 2009. She is a Qualified Teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through the Center for Mindfulness. She is a co-founding teacher of the Monterey Bay Meditation Studio. Learn more at https://www.montereybaymeditation.com/teachers.

Rochelle Hall is a LMFT and co-founder of the Monterey Center for Mindfulness and Compassion.  Mindfulness offers a simple but challenging lesson in living: How to cultivate moment to moment presence, in body and mind, with an open heart. Learn more at www.MontereyCenterforMindfulnessandCompassion.com

Meika Hamisch is a LMFT who has been a  trainer and educator in the areas of compassionate communication skills, psychology, cross-cultural perspectives in therapy and healing, mindfulness and self-compassion cultivation methods.  She is a senior certified teacher in Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT™) through Stanford University’s School of Medicine, Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) She is co-. www.MontereyCenterforMindfulnessandCompassion.com

Ben Nurse is a father, brother, son, a friend, a real estate professional, a board trustee, an educator, a community volunteer. He was drawn to meditation practice to balance his many roles in life.  He practices to cultivate the patience to have meditation and mindfulness be a daily, essential part of every day.

Marianne Rowe has been studying and practicing meditation since the 1990's. As founder of the Mindful Education Project, she has been teaching mindfulness to children, youth, and adults since 2007. In addition to teaching mindfulness meditation to individuals, Marianne also specializes in teaching intersubjective (or relational) meditation to couples and groups. She is a co-founding teacher of the Monterey Bay Meditation Studio. Learn more at https://www.montereybaymeditation.com/teachers.

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